Standard Paint Colors

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Size:                                  Urethane Price:                  Painted Price:

10'x12'                                     $4,725                               $4,860

10'x16'                                     $5,535                               $5,670

10'x20'                                     $6,480                               $6,615

12'x16'                                     $6,210                               $6,345

12'x20'                                     $7,290                               $7,425

12'x24'                                     $7,965                               $8,100

Model Details:

We offer Run In Sheds from 10x16 to 12x24.  These buildings come with a 4' Treated Kick Plate around the interior perimeter of the building.  With our quality construction of 16" O.C. Framing and quality materials these Run-In-Sheds are built to last.  Uses of this building includes: Horses, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Cows, and any other farm animal that needs a portable livestock shelter.

Run In Shed

*These printed color samples may not be exact color representation!

Buildings of 16' length or shorter come with 1 opening.  Buildings of 16' length or greater come with 2 openings.