Onsite Pricing:

Built On-Site LP Smartside Preprimed: add 25%

Built On-Site LP Smartside Painted: add 35%

These percentages are added to our factory built painted prices.

Our onsite buildings are generally built in just 1-2 days based on the size of the portable buildings and the number of customer-selected options.

What does the onsite customer need to do?


- Have a level site the size of the building or
bigger depending on preferences of the customer.

- its recommended to have a level gravel base of 4"-6" deep of crushed rock.  A level concrete pad makes an excellent building site but is also the most expensive.  Although not the best options our buildings can be constructed on a level dirt or grass surface.

- A minimum of 24 inches working space around the building is necessary for proper construction.

- Check all zoning regulations and see if it a

building permit is required.  If so its the customers

responsibility to obtain a building permit prior to the construction date.


How We Build Onsite