Size:              Painted Price:
6'x8'                $4,995.00

6'x12'              $5,495.00
8'x8'                $5,495.00
8'x12'              $6,295.00

8'x16'              $7,295.00                 
10'x16'            $8,495.00
10'x20'            $9,395.00          
12'x16'            $9,500.00
12'x20'            $10,750.00
12'x24'            $11,995.00



Model Details:

Looking for beautifully designed and quality built portable backyard greenhouse?  Our Quality- Built greenhouses are sturdy and built to last.   They are delivered the same way as a regular storage shed and can be used immediately.  To add custom options like an exhaust fan, electrical, water line, contact us today and get ready to enjoy your new greenhouse.

Building Specs:

1- 36"x72" Walk-in Door w/t 18"x23" Window
T- Handle Lock and Key
24"x36" Windows Amount Varies by size
16" O.C. Floor Joist, 5/4" Treated Deckboard Floor
72" Studs, 76.5" Sidewalls
2x4 Studs 16" on Center
Double Top Plates
Clear Poly Roof

Painted White Interior