• Buildings are built on 4″x6″ notched pressure treated skids. 
  • 2"x4" treated floor joist are standard on 16" on center.
  • 5/8" Flooring   (Upgrade to 3/4" for 5%)
  • Heavy duty 2×4 reinforced doors designed to seal out rain and rodents.
  • Doors are key lockable for your protection.
  • All buildings are vented to create airflow and help with temperature control in the summer.

Standard Paint Colors

Country Barn

Urethane Colors

Model Details:

With its 2 windows and double doors and a loft door in the loft area the Country Barn is one of our most popular buildings.  The loft door helps give it the country look.  White the windows on each side of the door helps make it an eye catching building.   The Country Barn comes standard with two lofts generally with a 4' to 8' opening in the center of the building depending on the size of the building.