• Buildings are built on 4″x6″ notched pressure treated skids. 
  • 2"x4" treated floor joist are standard on 16" on center. (Ask about our Heavy Duty Flooring Option 5%).
  • 5/8” Treated Sturdi Flooring or 5/8" LP Prostruct Flooring
  • Heavy duty 2×4 reinforced doors designed to seal out rain and rodents.
  • Doors are key lockable for your protection.
  • All buildings are vented to create airflow and help with temperature control in the summer months.

Size:               Urethane Price:        Painted Price:           Vinyl Price:

8'x12'                   $2,790.00                  $2,935.00                   $3,550.00

10'x12'                 $3,300.00                  $3,445.00                   $4,125.00

10'x16'                    $3,780.00                  $3,925.00                   $4,820.00

10'x20'                 $4,440.00                  $4,655.00                   $5,620.00

12'x12'                 $3,805.00                  $4,055.00                   $5,015.00

12'x16'                 $4,655.00                  $4,820.00                   $5,945.00

12'x20'                 $5,585.00                  $5,735.00                   $7,050.00

12'x24'                 $6,475.00                  $6,700.00                   $8,125.00


Standard Paint Colors

Model Details:

Ready to stop renting a storage unit? want economical storage? The Barn was invented just for that and can meet your storage needs for things such as your lawn and garden tools. With its four foot sidewalls and gambrel roof design, the Barn is perfect for areas where you want your storage building to blend in with the surroundings. Eight foot wide buildings come with four foot single door, ten and twelve foot wide buildings have six foot double doors.